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 first fine lines - which finish to choose?

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PostSubject: first fine lines - which finish to choose?   Fri May 08, 2009 9:41 am

Hello beauty-fans,

because of noticing my first fine wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes, I would like to know which makeup-finish is best to choose.

Once I heard, that mature skin never should wear anything else than matt makeup and matt eyeshadows.
To be honest, when I use matt finishes, I have the impression that this only amplifies some fine lines that I have already. But when I use a makeup with more "glowy" and "shiny" features, it appears to me that the light diffusing effect conceals optically these fine lines. (Of course I do not mean glittering and sparkling textures because of bigger particle sizes, what makes one look like a disco ball. Wink, I really mean only a kind of shine.)

So what do you think about this question? Should a more mature skin rather chose matte finishes or rather slightly shiny finishes?

I send you all many greetings,
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PostSubject: Re: first fine lines - which finish to choose?   Sun May 10, 2009 6:47 am

ive heard the opposite!
Matte will only settle into and focus on the lines.
Chanel vitalumiere for example has a dewy finish and is marketed towards older women.

I think the eyeshadow thing is because the glitter particles in eyeshadow are big and doesnt mix well with lines. Makes them look crinkly.

I also heard that putting a lighter then your skin tone concealer on lines creates an illision that makes it seem like you have no line there because it plumps up the wrinkle.
I dont know whether its works.

The finish you choose also depends on what your skin needs.
Ive noticed that dry skin foundation usually has less coverage is marketed towards older women with wrinkles and has a dewier finish.
but full coverage foundation has clay in it sometimes to control the oilies and is usually matte.

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first fine lines - which finish to choose?
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