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 bronze&bronze brush

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PostSubject: bronze&bronze brush   bronze&bronze brush EmptySat May 16, 2009 5:07 am

Hi everyone..I'm new here, in the forum and practically in this whole make up world...not that I didn't do my make up, but not as such extend......
I'm from spain (so don't be too hard on my english, please....) and I discovered this web on youtube....
But less talk and straight to the point...
I'd like to get a good, GREAT, NICE ┬┐bronze? ┬┐bronzer? and a great as well bronze brush.... As i've already said, i'm new in this HUUUGE world, and as a beginner i'm usually stunned by the most expensive and known brands.....I may be wrong thinking the more expensive the better(or maybe not) but i was wondering if somebody could help me choose the items i just mentioned...
I've watched plenty of the videos and MAC is almost the most named about getting some of their products?? what do you suggest?

thank you sooo much Rolling Eyes

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bronze&bronze brush
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