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 Anyone try Laura Mercier Lip Glace or Clarins Gloss Appeal? Thoughts?

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PostSubject: Anyone try Laura Mercier Lip Glace or Clarins Gloss Appeal? Thoughts?   Fri Jul 17, 2009 10:21 pm

I haven't been able to get out to the stores in awhile due to a cervical epidural procedure. I've been looking online.
What I am interested in are lip glosses with high shine but not a lot of glitter flecks in it.
Also looking for a pink or natural lip color that is sheer enough to see my natural lips yet adds color and shine.

I was wondering if the LM lip glace is like that. I was looking at Babydoll, blush, petal... Also looking at Clarins Gloss appeal in Paradise.

I am open to other brands that fit what I am going for as well. But I am really interested in getting a LM glace.

Not that I am a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, but Ive been watching "Ghost Whisperer" a lot and I'm always in love with the color glosses/lipsticks she wears on the show. These are screen caps from episode 3x02 . It's rather dark, but on the tv imo it looks like a sheer pink. I could be wrong, maybe it is more rosy brown ?

People at the stores look at me weird when I ask them for a certain color relating to a celeb, or even if you ask them for a coral pink they look at me puzzled. This is why I am looking for opinions before i hit the store.

The film is dark so I lightened up the pic, it may change the color a bit but actually looks more like the lightened photos.

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Anyone try Laura Mercier Lip Glace or Clarins Gloss Appeal? Thoughts?
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