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 I a so stupid...stung by fake ebay cosmetics

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PostSubject: I a so stupid...stung by fake ebay cosmetics   Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:34 am

Im a daft bint, to think that the Coralista blush I bought from ebay would NOT be fake. Its not even a good fake, its awful Yuck and for £10 I thinks its a damn cheek.

I have complained to the seller and will be getting my money back. I'd be ashamed to get the damn blusher out in public its so cheap and tacky looking
I got stung before with a MAC sable eyeshadow which was so good that I did not realise it was a fake until I hit pan.

So heed my warning do not buy high end cosmetics from Ebay thinking you are getting a bargin, more often than not its fake Evil or Very Mad
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I a so stupid...stung by fake ebay cosmetics
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