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 Hey Fashion Face! :)

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Hey Fashion Face! :) Empty
PostSubject: Hey Fashion Face! :)   Hey Fashion Face! :) EmptyTue Sep 08, 2009 10:26 am

Heya I'm Gracie, from N.I and I just stopped by because I wanted to say how much I love watching both your tutorials! I'm a big fan! I'm sure you all do too! I've just finished watching Sams ILLAMASQUA Dystopia video, and absolutely loved it! I find all the videos are usefull even if some of the ideas are a bit out there! I just wanted to let you know because I saw how stupid some of the comments were on YouTube that people had left and it really annoyed me! I think your completely right and playing around with makeup and being creative is great fun! So what if you end up with black lips and crazy eye shadow! Its fun and its interesting to watch! I've tried some of your looks and love checking YouTube and FashionFace to see what new videos are out!
Thats kinda my rant over i just really wanted you to know that most people understand that its maybe not an everyday look but its still great fun to watch and you can take elements for other looks Smile
I love all the work and just wanted you to know I appreciate it Smile
Love G xx
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Hey Fashion Face! :)
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