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 Do it act as a right buying agent?

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Do it act as a right buying agent? Empty
PostSubject: Do it act as a right buying agent?   Do it act as a right buying agent? EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 11:57 pm

Each advertiser, through advertisements is expected to give enough information to the prospects to help them in selecting the product or service that is best suited to the requirements. Consumers have every right to get such information on product features, benefits, time and place of availability and so on. To be true and to be ethical, an advertiser is supposed to disclose the total information about the products and services. Total information refers to the positive and negative sides of a particular product or service. The information should be in such a way that, it does not result in persuasion.
Each selling campaign adopted by them should be unique, that is, it should possess a Unique Selling Proposition. But today the advertisers seem to be using window dressing policy in its processes. Everything in this dynamic world is having one or the other loophole. No one is perfect and nothing is sound. Advertising as a mass media of communication is not exempted from this category. Its role in society is that, it’s doing lots of good than bad things. The contribution of advertising fully supports it as a socio-economic process .It also stands as an institution, a tool of marketing and a sharp weapon of successful business.
Female models for hire is a real advantage for the advertiser’s. But if they merely concentrate and are blind on the availability of models, they are not going to succeed in their venture. It’s the quality of the message that makes a product to be successful in the market. The advertisers should focus on the formulation of the message than giving prior importance to the models.
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Do it act as a right buying agent?
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