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 Ingredients and product testing on animals

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PostSubject: Ingredients and product testing on animals   Ingredients and product testing on animals EmptyThu Sep 24, 2009 8:50 am

Sorry if the topic isn't in the forum.

Anyway I would like to share with you guys about my thougts about any brand that are and ain't testing on the animals.

Many brands out there that doesn't care or still testing on animals makes me feel really sick. I'm not like a pet or a animal lover, but I do care other lifes out there. And some other brands that don't test the ingredients AND the products on aminals. I think that the world of make up would be a much better place and even more serious than a lipstick and mascara.

Anyway I knew some list that are testing on animals here are some of them:

- Elisabeth Arden
- Guerlain
- Helena Rubinstein
- Kanebo
- Lancôme
- Laura Mercier
- L’Oréal
- Max Factor
- Maybelline
- Rimmel
- Shiseido
- Tigi Bedhed cosmetics
And many more

And here are some that "claim" that they doesn't testing any product AND ingredients on animals:

- Biotherm
- Almay
- i.d Bare Escentuals
- Bobbi Brown
- Chanel
- Clarins
- Clinique
- E. Funkhouser
- Esteé Lauder
- Everyday minerals
- Giovanni
- Glominerals
- Gosh
- Jane Iredale Mineral
- Mac
- Make Up Store
- Nars
- Nivea
- Oriflame
- Revlon
- Smashbox
- Stila
- The Body Shop
- Urban Decay

So I hope this help you guys... If you have a question like "BUT YOU CAN'T REALLY KNOW IF THESE BRANDS AIN'T TESTING ON ANIMALS!", then I have to you that you are right. They can lie and still test on animals, but what other things we can do? We have to be opened mind and believe them, that's it.

Thanks Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Ingredients and product testing on animals   Ingredients and product testing on animals EmptyTue Dec 29, 2009 10:58 am

Heyy, you must feel very strongly about this, a;though i must say that:
Bare Essentials
Bobby Brown
The Body Shop
Estee Lauder
do not test on animals, and neither does Urban decay or Too Faced, they even do vegan products. (these are all on the PETA website)
I'm against animal cruetly but if im being honest, almost everything we use has been tested on animals...toothpaste, Johnson and Johnson items, medication, shampoo etc etc.
I know what its like to feel passionately about this, but if i am being honest, it will probably never change as it is far cheaper for the companies to test on animals rather than humans, even though animal testing is not the most reliable as they have very different imune systems etc from us.
But just letting you know that the above companies are not testing on animals Very Happy
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Ingredients and product testing on animals
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